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What's New...T??

2003-2004 Season.......

Illustration: Street hockey

The NEWT organization is entering into it's 4th full season and as always is experiencing some changes.......losing players can be difficult, but we have been fortunate in our ability to recruit and fill important roles with new, exciting, talented players. The NEWTs continue to have a reputation for having a great time on and off the ice. Just ask about our Montreal trip last season!! :) To top it off....we've started this season off already with a 1st place finish in the USM Tournament earlier in September.

If this sounds like something that you would like to be a part of then read on.......

The NEWTs are a womens senior "C/B" ice hockey team based out of Philips Exeter Academy in Exeter, NH.

As a NEWT, you receive:

USA HOCKEY Membership and insurance

Use of Home and Away jerseys

22 weeks of 1 hour ice for practice/games

12 officiated games (home and away)

3 Tournaments

Our annual players fee is $450 and includes everything you see listed above. This means you won't be dishing out additional funds for tournaments....everything's included except accommodations should we need to stay. Payments are made in 3 installments.

Contact Ruth Laurent for more information. Looking forward to another successful year and to seeing you in a NEWT team jersey!

Look for updates here throughout the year to catch up on the latest with the NEWT team.