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        The N.E.W.T. Hockey program was organized by five very determined women.......yeah 5!!  We played hockey together just one season previously, but knew right away that we were a team.  We not only played well together on the ice, but we had fun together off the ice.  Thus, came the idea of breaking away from the league we played in and starting our own club.  All we wanted to do was play hockey and have a good time doing politics, just HOCKEY! 

So here we are.  The 2000-2001 season is upon us and we've recruited several great players to join in the fun.  Our goal is to practice (with the help of two great coaches), improve and play in some fun, but competitive tournaments and invitational games with a variety of teams. 

Our roster has grown to 16.  We are fortunate enough to have a very diverse team.  Players from all over New England.  Players with varying abilities, strengths and personalities.  This will be an exciting inaugural season.  As the season progresses, look for this section, WHAT'S NEW....T?, to keep you posted on how the team is progressing and what's happening within the organization.