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Here's a quick wrap-up of our first awesome Tournament at the University of Southern Maine


Friday night we faced off  against the Coon Cats at 7 pm.   The game started off strong by both teams scoring 1 goal in the first period. Our first goal was scored with 3 minutes into the period by Renee and assisted by Dawne and Beth.   We scored our second goal in the first minute of the 3rd period with Heather making a beautiful pass to Becky for the goal. We definitely dominated in shots on net ending this game with some 38 shots on their goalie to only 16 on Cathi. Great effort by both the offensive and defensive lines!!   The final score was a 2-1 victory over the Coon Cats.
Saturday morning, we faced off against the RI Panthers at 10:40 am.   The game remained scoreless through the first period.   Both teams were working hard to get the puck down the ice.   The NEWTs once again had at least 50% more shots on net then the RI Panthers did, but the goaltending was awesome and we weren't given many breaks.   The first goals of the game came in the 2nd period.   A minute and a half the Panthers scored the first goal, followed by a NEWT goal at the 8 minute mark.   Michele took the puck coast to coast to score that one....awesome job!!   The Panthers followed up with a second goal at 9:58 and a third at 10:18.   We came back in the third to score our second goal 8 minutes into the 3rd period. Becky scored that one with assistance from Renee.   The game ended with a 3-2 deficit to the Panthers.   It was a hard lose to take, but we definitely fought hard and had a lot of shots on net.  Saturday evening we faced off against the Wildcats at 6:50 pm.   Another domination in shots on net by the NEWTs!   This game left both teams scoreless in the 1st period and the only goal of the game came in the first 34 seconds of the 2nd period.   This goal was scored by Becky unassisted!   The third period left both teams scoreless.   The Wildcat goaltending was really so good that we couldn't  even get  any of our rebounds to go in! The game ended with a 1-0 win over the Wildcats!!  Another awesome game by the NEWTs!!!

As we all watched the game between the Coon Cats and RI Panthers, our hopes for playing in the finals rested on this game.   A win for RI meant we were in, a win by the Coon Cats would take things down to a point spread.   With only 2 minutes left in the game, the Coon Cats scored their 3rd goal of the game.   Unfortunately, this goal knocked us out of the top two teams.   We still left this tournament with 2 wins and 1 lose.....which is a great way to start the NEWT season!!

Everyone played well throughout the entire tournament.   Our passing and moving the puck up the ice on offense was outstanding as indicated by all the shots on net that we had in all three games.   We really did dominate in shooting throughout the tournament.   We were just up against some damn good goalies!!   Defensively we did a great job of keeping the puck out of the defensive zone and in the offensive zone.   As always, we can't forget about our AWESOME goalie, Cathi,  who saves our butt more often than not.   Great job in net only allowing 4 goals in throughout the tournament!!   Kudos to all NEWTs for a great tournament!!!!